On Friday, October 25, 2013 at 7 p.m. in the Alex & Faye Spanos Theatre, Cal Poly Arts presents multi-instrumentalist, singer, and award-winning educator JOE CRAVEN in an evening perfect for the whole family.

Picture a stage that looks more like a yard sale – found objects from the natural environment as well as dumpsters, yard sales and thrift stores. Throw in string and percussion instruments from around the world and around the house.

Connect this with a dash of technology involving plugging in electric bedpans, three-stringed thing-a-majigs and looping landscapes of sound – all created in the moment by Craven. Then toss rhythmically with some corny jokes, a little theater thickener, and a pinch of audience participation that makes you feel part of the evening and you have “The Joe Show.”

Craven is always looking for the next expression or breath or object with which to make music. His gift of gab is unprecedented and his musical knowledge is impressive. His openness and expression of gratitude for the gifts he’s been given make it all the more fun for him to share with his audience.

Student and adult tickets for the performance are $17.60 and $22 respectively and may be purchased in advance at the Performing Arts Center Ticket Office, Tuesday – Saturday, noon to 6 p.m, located on Grand Avenue on the Cal Poly campus.

TICKETS: 805/756-4TIX (4849) or order online at www.calpolyarts.org.

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