After 16 years of service to our community CEO Dennis Pearson retires.  Mr. Pearson came to the Santa Maria Fairpark at a time of distress back in 1998. With his outstanding knowledge of finances and administration he successfully brought the Santa Maria Fairpark back to life.  One of Mr. Pearson’s main goals during his time of service was to create a facility that was appealing to the community.

A vision that Mr. Pearson had, was to build a new administration building which was completed in 2009, along with several visible improvements to the grounds.  The evidence of his success was this past year the Santa Maria Fairpark was one of the Commercial Winners of the Santa Maria Valley  Beautiful Award.

Mr. Pearson always attributed the success of the Santa Maria Fairpark to his staff, taking little credit for the great leadership he brought to the organization.  “Dennis will be missed by the community and his staff”, said spokeswoman Yvonne Biely, “We wish him well as he enjoys his free days walking his best friends Winston and Hope”.