Stay Hip to the Hottest Tech Trends

(Yes, technophobes, you too!)

Russ Levanway, CEO, Tektegrity

Do you remember the scene in Airplane! the Movie when the flight attendant can’t understand what a passenger is saying due to his distinctive slang? An older woman comes to the rescue when she steps in with, “Oh, stewardess, I speak jive!” and proceeds to have a conversation with the passenger.

If a conversation about technology has ever left you feeling like that flight attendant, this article is for you.  Here’s a run-down of some great resources for improving your tech-speak and staying up to speed about new tech trends.

After checking them out, you can decide which ones really speak your language, and how you’d like to follow them. Whether you read the blogs individually, use an RSS reader (you’ll learn what that is!), or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, they’ll have you feeling tech-savvy in no time. Visit the sites we’ve listed for news and links to all the ways you can follow them on social media.


Started in June of 2005, TechCrunch dedicates itself to profiling startups, reviewing new internet products, and sharing technology news. By the time it was acquired by AOL in 2010, TechCrunch had carved out a tidy niche as a source for breaking news.

Wired is the site established by Wired Magazine, a Condé Nast publication. The site covers everything from the very freshest news to info about gear, security issues, and up-and-coming visionaries.


Millions have relied on CNET for news, reviews and user-friendly technology information since it was established in 1994. It has evolved into a site offering articles, reviews, videos, podcasts, software downloads and more.


SlashDot is known as a source of “news for nerds.” Its content is submitted in the form of summaries and links by its readers, who then use the comments section of each submission to engage in conversation about the topic at hand. It can sometimes be as intimidating as it is interesting, but you don’t have to wade into the conversation to enjoy the insight and commentary.


Celebrating its 10 year anniversary this month, Engadget offers news, reviews, opinions and videos about the latest electronics and gadgets. They often provide peeks behind the curtain, sharing info about the science and technology used to create the items they showcase.


If you’ve already gotten your geek on, or want to prove yourself as a poser, take a look at InfoWorld.  Its in-depth info on emerging enterprise technologies is aimed at senior technology decision-makers. Head that way when you’re ready to learn more about development, security, cloud computing, mobile technology, virtualization and more. (And if you like what you see there, you might also enjoy .)

Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything you read or hear. Thanks to technology itself, you can stay as informed, involved and entertained as you’d like. And (thank goodness) for everything else, you can hire professionals. After all, sometimes it’s just a big relief to say, “I have people for that.”


Russ Levanway is the CEO of TekTegrity, an IT Managed Services Provider serving the Central Coast and Central Valley. The organization’s Total Systems Management™ (TSM) service model provides preventative IT support at fixed monthly fee levels. For more information, visit