Noises Off plays in the Marian Theatre April 24 – May 11, 2014, then in the Solvang Festival Theater June12 – 29.

Come enjoy a good hearty laugh with the funniest farce ever written. Noises Off is a roller coaster, side-splitting look at theatre – inside and out – as a hapless troupe of actors attempt to mount the dreadful comedy Nothing On. Door slamming, missed cues, and romantic intrigue will have you roaring with laughter as the casts’ collective sanity slowly unravels.

Yet, the show must go on; despite the catastrophe being played out on stage and the vicious antics among the actors backstage.

All-the-while, an ill-fated tray of sardines mysteriously appears and disappears.

Former PCPA Conservatory Director/Associate Artistic Director Paul Barnes directs. The cast includes Resident Artists Kitty Balay* as Dotty, Andrew Philpot* as Lloyd, George Walker as Garry, Karin Hendircks as Brook Ashton, Michael Jenkinson* as Frederick, Elizabeth Stuart* as Belinda and Peter S. Hadres* as Selsdon. Also cast, acting interns Andrea Hilbrant as Poppy and Paul Henry as Tim.

Barnes said that in one word, Noises Off is “lunacy.” He observed that everything that can possibly go awry goes awry as this well-intentioned, second rate troupe of traveling players tours the English provinces with the sex farce, Nothing On.

Noting how brilliantly crafted the script is and giving his assurance to follow the playwright’s intention to the letter, Paul said that sometimes directors want to put their own stamp on a production, regardless of what is required by the text. “To try to do this with Noises Off would be folly of the highest order.”

The creative team includes fight choreography by Mark Booher, scenic design by DeAnne Kennedy, costume design by Frederick P. Deeben, lighting design by Tamar Geist, and sound design by Andrew Wilhelm. The stage manager is Suzanne Tyler*.

Door opening and closing score card: front door, 49 times, study 74 times, bathrooms 94 times, service quarters 27 times, linen cupboard 12 times, master bedroom 81 times and upstairs corridor 23 times. Bonus points: “Sardines” is mention 228 times in the play.