On Thursday, May 8th at 6:00 p.m., the City of Santa Maria will be holding a Town Hall Meeting at
the Church for Life, at 3130 Skyway Drive, Suite 501 in Santa Maria (across from the main entrance
to the Santa Maria Public Airport).  The meeting will address issues in the Southwest neighborhoods
of Santa Maria.  For purposes of this meeting, the southwest neighborhood is defined as west of
Broadway (State Route 135), and south of Fesler Street, and includes the airport and land to Union
Valley Parkway.
The intent of the meeting is for City staff to hear from residents in the southwest section of the
City about issues and/or concerns they may have in their neighborhoods. Additionally, staff will
discuss progress on the City’s Southeast, Northwest, and Northeast Action Plans and
accomplishments. The City Manager, Police Chief, Code Compliance Officers, and assorted City staff
will be in attendance. This meeting will be conducted in both English and Spanish.
Attendees may want to use public transportation to and from the meeting. Santa Maria Area Transit
Route 4 has a bus stop at this location, Industrial Parkway at Skyway. Evening service is provided
via Route 62, which uses the same bus stop.
For more information, please call Mark van de Kamp in the City Manager’s Office at
925-0951 ext. 372.