Winery Owners, Winemakers, Tasting Room Managers, and Wine Club Managers from Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties will be attending a presentation with on Wine Club Cruising at the beautiful Lucas & Lewellen Tasting Room in Solvang, California on June 17th at 6 pm.

The wine club travel experts at GoWineCruising will discuss the River Cruising concept and how it will benefit direct retail wine sales without impacting the winery budget.  One of GoWineCruising’s favorite cruise lines, Viking River Cruises, will discuss the unique strategies that set Viking apart from the competition when working with a winery. They will reveal future itineraries involving Wine Club travel.

The concept of one winery at a time and the benefits of travel for the Wine Club Manager are not only appealing but will build relationships and winery revenue.

Lucas & Lewellen’s Wine Club Manager, Anjie Park says that wine cruising with has been an important component of the Lucas & Lewellen Wine Club experience.  “We embark as strangers in many cases.  But wine lovers are fun people who eat great food, drink great wine, make new friends, and love adventure!  We bond over our shared interests and by the time we come home, we have dozens of new best friends and we’re already making plans for our next trip!”

Says previous wine cruiser Judy Franzen of Los Olivos, “Wine Cruising is a great way to build relationships with other members who enjoy great wine while visiting exciting new places.  Travelling together really gives you the opportunity to get to know the winery on a different level.”

Previous Wine Club Cruisers will be available to answer questions from the winery promotion perspective.

Guests will enjoy wine country appetizers with a wine tasting featuring award winning Lucas & Lewellen wines.

The Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards Tasting Room is located at 1645 Copenhagen Drive-Solvang, CA

Winemakers and winery owners and department managers are included in the invitation to this event and are required to RSVP to or 805-404-9590.