Jay Hardy, President of Hardy Diagnostics, and Ron Lovell, General Manager of the Moxie Cafe along with members of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce (SMVCC) gathered to commemorate the grand opening of the Moxie Cafe.  The official ribbon cutting ceremony was sponsored by the SMVCC.

The Moxie Cafe is owned and operated by Hardy Diagnostics and is the only eatery of its kind in Santa Maria.  Located at 1317 McCoy Lane, across from the main Hardy Diagnostics facility, the Moxie’s number one goal is to serve delicious, wholesome, healthy food.

The Moxie’s relaxed, pleasant atmosphere is equipped with free WiFi and easily accessible charging stations, providing an ideal place to work or hold a meeting away from the distractions of the office. The dining area seats 125 people and is complimented by two private conference rooms that can accommodate up to 15 people each. The conference rooms feature white boards, conference telephones, and audio-video systems. The main dining room includes a lounge with a fireplace that doubles as a venue for live music. A sunny patio is also available for outdoor dining.

The management team has combined experience of 50 years in the hospitality business. They make it a priority to serve hormone and antibiotic-free free-range chicken cooked rotisserie style, and certified Angus beef. In keeping with its commitment to healthy living, the Moxie has no soda fountain and no fryer. MSG and trans-fats have been banished from the premises. The Moxie also offers take-out catering services, as well as pick-up dinner packs to take home for a family dinner on weeknights, when there is less time to cook a nutritious meal after a long work day. Ron Lovell, the café’s general manager puts it this way: “We deeply care about making tasty, fresh food more available to our customer’s families. It’s so good; your family won’t even realize that what they’re eating is actually good for them!”

The energizing and creative design of the Moxie Café truly must be experienced to be fully appreciated. It has been designed specifically to showcase the vintage World War II P-38 Lightning fighter plane and its training program, in which over 600 pilots took part in Santa Maria in the 40s. Even the Moxie logo gives a nod to the Army Air Corp logo from that time period.

Employees are co-owners in the business, giving them a sense of pride in their work. Jay Hardy, president of the company, speaks highly of his fellow co-owners at the Moxie Café, “The staff has been hired with the special aim in mind of serving the public cheerfully, knowing they are aiding in the well-being of their community, and promoting the Café’s ‘Eat Well…Be Well’ philosophy.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT HARDY DIAGNOSTICS – Hardy Diagnostics is an FDA licensed and ISO 13485 certified manufacturer of medical devices for microbiological procedures in both clinical and industrial laboratories. Hardy Diagnostics was founded in 1980 in Santa Barbara by Jay Hardy and Robert Shibata after they completed their Medical Technology training in the laboratory at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

Hardy Diagnostics manufactures over 3,500 different products for the culture and identification of bacteria and fungi. Among its offerings are products used to culture and detect pathogens commonly reported in the news, such as E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, MRSA, and Influenza. In addition, the company

manufactures reagents and media for use by molecular biology researchers. Over 8,000 laboratories throughout the nation rely on Hardy Diagnostics for their supplies.

Today, Hardy Diagnostics employs over 250 workers and maintains nine distribution centers throughout the U.S. Manufacturing takes place at its headquarters in Santa Maria, California and at a recently opened facility in Springboro, Ohio. The company also exports products through over 65 foreign distributors. The company’s mission is to “partner with its laboratory customers to prevent and diagnose disease.”  For more information, visit www.HardyDiagnostics.com.