Heritage Oaks Bank CEO Simone Lagomarsino today accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Michael Morris, Heritage Oaks Bank’s Chairman of the Board, local attorney and Chairman of the Board of the law firm Andre, Morris & Buttery presented her with the challenge.

“I accept your challenge, Michael, and our bank’s executive officers are joining me in accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge,” said Lagomarsino.  “Heritage Oaks Bank is making a $1,000 contribution to the ALS Association, and the executive officers are together personally matching the bank’s contribution,” she continued.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is raising awareness nationwide about ALS, a degenerative condition also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  The challenge involves people getting doused with buckets of ice water on video, then nominating others to do the same, all in an effort to raise donations to help find a cure for ALS.  Since July 29, 2014, the Ice Bucket Challenge has helped the ALS Association collect over $94 million in donations at www.ALSA.org, compared to $2.6 million during the same period last year.

Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge, and contributing to the ALS Association, took on a personal note and became even more appropriate when a Heritage Oaks Bank employee stepped forward and shared that her mother had suffered from ALS and passed away 4 years ago.

A video was posted to the Heritage Oaks Bank internal website showing the bank’s executive officers pouring buckets of ice water over their heads in front of trees in the landscaped area near the bank’s administrative offices in San Luis Obispo.  As the video ends, Lagomarsino says, “We now challenge all Heritage Oaks Bank employees to take the Ice Bucket Challenge, contribute to the ALS Association, and post your own video encouraging your family and friends to donate to find a cure for ALS.  We encourage everyone to take the challenge – and to do it on a lawn or landscaping, to avoid wasting water.”

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