The children of Santa Maria need your help. A good education is the best way to prepare for success in life. But today, aging, overcrowded school facilities are threatening our local quality of education.

Santa Maria-Bonita elementary and junior high schools were originally built for 11,625 students. Today they serve 15,544 children. Enrollment has grown by 2,300 in the past five years without adding a single school and 1,500 more children are expected by 2017. Meanwhile, existing schools, now bursting at the seams, are in constant use and aging rapidly. These conditions impact instruction and make it harder for children to learn.

Measure T authorizes a prudent, responsible plan for needed facility upgrades to improve student safety, instruction, and learning. Good schools protect property values.

Measure T will:

 Repair/replace leaky roofs
 Rehabilitate aging plumbing/electrical/building systems
 Upgrade education technology and science labs
 Modernize outdated classrooms, libraries and instructional equipment
 Construct school facilities to relieve overcrowding
 Improve school safety, including security lighting, fencing, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and communication systems

ALL Measure T funds stay IN Santa Maria FOR Santa Maria schools. The State CANNOT take this funding away.

Taxpayer protections are REQUIRED. Measure T is for K-8 school facilities, technology and equipment ONLY. NO funds are allowed for administrators’ salaries. Independent Citizens’ Oversight and mandatory audits ensure funds are spent properly.

Whether or not you have school-age children, protecting our local quality of education is a wise investment. The longer we wait to make these improvements, the more expensive they will be.

Please join teachers, parents, civic leaders and citizens throughout Santa Maria by taking this positive step to support quality schools, maintain property values, and ensure OUR children get the education and technology they need to prepare for success in high school and beyond.

VOTE YES on Measure T.

More information:
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