Gina Keough

by Gina Keough, Director, Visitor & Convention Bureau

PCPA – Pacific Conservatory Theatre recently held its Alumni Reunion celebrating its 50th Anniversary.  As some of you may know, I worked in the business and marketing offices at PCPA – Pacific Conservatory Theatre when I was in my early twenties. How I loved every minute of it!

Not only because of the joy of being around conservatory students who were always rehearsing, dancing and singing in the hallways… and not only because of the creative atmosphere … but indeed, most of all, because of the people I worked with.

When I worked in the marketing department, Rosemary Porpiglia was my boss.  She was beautiful, bright, sunny, ever smiling and she had the best sense of humor ~ with an amazing smile and laugh to go with it. Rosemary retired from PCPA after working for the marketing department for over a decade.  She had an affinity for the arts and she really loved attending plays.

Sadly, Rosemary Porpiglia was not in attendance at PCPA’s 50th Alumni Reunion, not physically anyway. Spiritually, I believe she was.  Sadly, my beautiful friend Rosemary passed away during surgery at a local hospital on June 28, 2014.  She is survived by her loving family, her husband George Porpiglia, her son Paul Porpiglia and grandson Dominic (who we lovingly referred to as ‘Little D’ when he was a baby) and many, many friends and colleagues.

Rosemary loved life, she was a shining star, a joy and a blessing to all who knew her.

In the midst of our sadness, the one bright spot is that her family has established The Rosemary Porpiglia Memorial Scholarship Fund to support second year acting students in the pursuit of their goals at PCPA.

Rosemary will now be remembered in perpetuity as a loving and caring supporter of the arts.  Each year her passion will inspire a new actor to continue their art and reach for the stars.

Those of us who knew and loved Rosemary now have a way to keep her memory alive through this scholarship:

The Rosemary Porpiglia Scholarship

To be awarded each year at the May graduation ceremony of PCPA – Pacific Conservatory Theatre, the Rosemary Porpiglia Scholarship will honor the student training which was beloved by Rosemary during her many years at this prestigious Central Coast theatre company.

Particularly, the scholarship, which is intended to be of a perpetual nature, will go to support the tuition of a gifted acting student going into their second year of training and to contribute to the cost of books and supplies associated with that training.

To support this scholarship in honor of Rosemary, please make checks payable to:

PCPA Foundation
PO Box 6803
Santa Maria, CA 93456
Please write Rosemary Porpiglia in the memo line

For tax purposes, PCPA Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, Federal Tax ID# 77-0399484. For more details, or to speak to the administrator of this scholarship, please call (805) 349-9135 or email