Given the increasing complexity of California’s labor laws, and the seriousness of the consequences for businesses that miss compliance for any reason, the Santa Maria Valley Chamber is working to make it easier for your business to comply with California’s labor laws and save yourself from significant disruptions and costs.

No matter how many employees you have in California, your business is required by law to post a current California and Federal Employment Poster in a central location.  As part of our partnership with the CalChamber, the Chamber is currently taking pre-orders for the updated 2015 California and Federal Employment Poster.  CalChamber’s all-in-one poster contains the 16 required state and federal employment notices every California employer must post. CalChamber is a trusted source for compliance products, with more than 120 years of experience helping California business do business.

The 2015 poster will include all current and ongoing notices.  Additionally, as of today, we know it will include, at a minimum, the following updates:

  1. Paid sick leave in California (signed into law on 9/10/14)
  2. Pending mandatory updates to Workers’ Compensation notice
  3. Pending mandatory updates to DFEH Discrimination and Harassment notice
  4. Pending updates to CFRA notice (Notice B)
  5. Updates to Cal/OSHA notice
  6. Mandatory updates to PFL and Workers’ Compensation pamphlets
  7. Updates to State Disability Insurance pamphlet

Failure to comply and have a current poster posted in a central location at your workplace could result in significant fines and penalties. Posters must be displayed in a conspicuous place where all employees can easily read it, such as a break room, common hallway, payroll office or other common location. Employers must also display posters in each company location.

The Chamber wants to make sure your business is in compliance and urges you to place your 2015 poster order today to ensure delivery by January 1.  Posters will be shipped in mid-December.  Call the Chamber at 925.2403 to order your posters and other HR resources.