More community college students statewide, and at Allan Hancock College, are taking advantage of a degree program that guarantees acceptance to a California State University school. In 2013-14, 11,673 students statewide earned an associate degree through the California Community Colleges and CSU “A Degree with a Guarantee” transfer program. That was more than double the number of students who did so in 2012-13, a year after it was launched.

There was an even more impressive spike at Hancock, where students enrolled in the transfer degree program who received associate degrees increased by 537 percent. Fifty-one students graduated from Hancock during the 2013-14 year with either the associate in arts for transfer (AA-T) or associate in science for transfer (AS-T) degree. There were eight in 2012-13. Outside of the transfer degree program, nearly 500 students earn traditional associate degrees and transfer from Hancock to four-year universities each year.

The number of students pursuing transfer program degrees at Hancock also continues to increase. This fall, nearly 200 registered students are pursuing degrees of transfer.

“The counselors are educating our students about the program and explaining how there is a defined road that ends with a bachelor’s degree from a CSU,” said David Degroot, the articulation officer at Hancock. “For students interested in transferring to four-year universities, the decision to follow the program is an incredible option.”

In the program, students are guaranteed junior standing and priority admission to a CSU campus over other transfer students if they received an AA-T or AS-T at a California community college.

The statewide degree program started in 2011 and was designed to streamline the transfer admission process between the California Community Colleges and CSU system. The goal was to eliminate challenges faced by transfer students, including difficulties transferring outside their region, earning far more units than needed, and repeating classes at a CSU to meet lower-division prerequisites.

Hancock offers 13 AA-T and AS-T degrees; they are: anthropology, political science, sociology, Spanish, kinesiology, physics, communication studies, English, history, business administration, mathematics, early childhood education and administration of justice.

For more information on Hancock’s transfer program degrees, contact the Counseling office at 805-922-6966 ext. 3363 or visit