All Businesses, Organizations and Business Representatives are Invited to Participate in a

Business Confidence Survey for the Santa Maria Valley

The Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce and its Economic Development Commission are inviting all businesses, organizations and representatives to participate in a Business Confidence Survey. The economic data gained from the survey will help to track trends, measure economic progress, and provide feedback regarding the direction of the local economy.

How important is participation in this survey?

“We want to create a dynamic economic profile based upon the most accurate information available,” said Glenn Morris, President and CEO of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce. “To do that, we need as much participation as possible from local businesses and organizations.”

How will this survey be used?

Dave Cross, Economic Development Director at the Chamber of Commerce, explained the process: “After all of the local businesses, organizations and business representatives respond, we’ll compile and analyze the data. We can sort the data by industry, company size, and other criteria. We can then establish trends and determine where we are locally on the business economic spectrum. We have also included some questions regarding the City of Santa Maria, the Santa Maria Public Airport and energy efficiency. The end result will be a broad based economic picture that will hopefully provide important information that can be used in our economic development programming. It can also be used by other businesses and organizations, as well as the City of Santa Maria and the Santa Maria Public Airport.”

The Business Confidence Survey can be easily accessed through the Economic Development Commission’s website at It can also be accessed through the Chamber of Commerce website at and clicking on Economic Development. The cut-off date for participating in the survey is February 15, 2015. However, prompt response would be appreciated.

The results will be available in a comprehensive report which will be published in March of 2015, and the general public will have access as well as all businesses, organizations and government.

For additional information, contact Dave Cross, Economic Development Commission Director at (805) 925-2403, ext. 817 or by e-mail at

Or Glenn Morris, President/CEO, Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce at (805) 925-2403 ext. 825, e-mail: