Talk on “Jim Beckwourth – More Than a Man of His Times”

The Dana Adobe is hosting a talk on African-American legendary figures that helped settle the West. One such gentleman who worked on the Dana Rancho was murdered and died in the Adobe. Where he came from and who he was remains a mystery. But the most famous of all was Jim Beckwourth. In celebration of Black History Month, Mr. Bechwourth’s life will be the topic of the presentation. He characterized the rugged individualism that made America. He rose out of slavery; was freed by his white father at the age of 19, and traveled west, to become one of the most notorious mountain men of the 19th century. He was fluent in English, French and Spanish as well as many dialects of Native American language.
Pursing adventure and fame, Jim crossed the United States working as a hunter, tracker, trail blazer and dispatch rider for the United States military. He was also a, merchant and Crow chief. By the time he died in1866 he had a history of deeds that legends are made of. His contribution to the development of California is just recently being discovered and appreciated.
In this talk, Helen Daurio, a DANA docent, will highlight details of his life, deeds, and tall tales. “Mountain men told tales,” Daurio explains, “tall tales and Beckwourth was one of the best story tellers of his time. “He is a very important historical figure like Kit Carson or Jededia Smith and yet people know so little about him,” comments Daurio.
DANA takes a special interest in Beckwourth because he stopped at the Dana Adobe which was the mail exchange point for the first mail service in California. Beckwourth was the mail courier for the first three months the service ran. He also discovered the first mass-murder in SLO County at the San Miguel Mission when the Reid household was murdered.
Come discover this All-American mountain man on,  February 21th at 2:00 p.m. at the Dana Adobe, 671 S. Oakglen, Nipomo, CA, 93444.
More information is available at or call 805-929-5679.