​​(April 10, 2015) The California Chamber of Commerce yesterday released a preliminary list of “job killer” bills to call attention to the negative impact that 16 proposed measures would have on California’s job climate and economic recovery if they were to become law.

The list is preliminary at this point because CalChamber expects to add more bills to the list in the coming weeks as legislation is amended. CalChamber will periodically release “job killer” watch updates as legislation changes. Readers are encouraged to track the current status of the “job killer” bills on www.cajobkillers.com or by following@CAJobKillers on Twitter.

“Although we will be opposing a number of bills throughout this year, the ‘job killer’ list represents the worst of the worst,” said Allan Zaremberg, President and CEO of the California Chamber of Commerce. “These proposals will unnecessarily increase costs on California employers that will likely lead to a loss of jobs.”

The preliminary list of 2015 “job killer” bills includes bills that make California less competitive economically and fall into categories including:

  • Increased Labor Costs
  • Increased Fuel Costs
  • Tax Increases
  • Increased Burdemsome Environmental Regulations
  • Increased Health Care Costs
  • Economic Development Barriers
  • Increased Unnecessary Litigation Costs

“The Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to partner with CalChamber, local chambers across California, and many other economic development organizations in opposing proposed legislation that would make it more costly and difficult for our local businesses to operate and succeed,” said Glenn Morris, president & CEO of the Chamber.   “We will continue to monitor the activity in the state legislature and will speak out on behalf of our members when bills surface which do harm to our local and state economy.”

For a list of the specific bills tagged as Job Killers at this time, please visit http://bit.ly/1IG5kjZ.