The Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce and its Economic Development Commission have announced
a contest to create a logo that says “Made in the Santa Maria Valley”. This contest is open to any person,
business, agency or organization to create a design that can be placed on any product from Santa Maria.
“The Santa Maria Valley produces, grows, creates and manufactures many products that are used throughout
the United States and around the world,” said Glenn Morris, President and CEO of the Santa Maria Valley
Chamber of Commerce. “There should be a common and consistent logo that says they are made right here in
the Santa Maria Valley.”

The Chamber of Commerce is opening the competition up to the entire community for submissions. The contest
runs through July 31, and the winner will be announced on August 25th at the Chamber of Commerce’s
Manufacturers Tours and Forums meeting. The winner will receive $400 and can claim credit as the creator of
the design. In addition, the winner and the design will be widely promoted through Chamber of Commerce

“This is big for our region and will raise awareness of just how productive and diverse our valley is,” said Dave
Cross, Economic Development Director. “Our local manufacturers produce hundreds of products, from high
tech items, to medical supplies, to industrial products. Agriculture alone distributes a wide variety of produce and
related products. There are other products related to wine and tourism that come from here. Our goal is to make
“Made in the Santa Maria Valley” a recognized commodity.”

The decision to open the competition up to everyone fits right in with the diversity of the region.
“There are many creative and innovative people who can design a distinctive logo, and we want to tap into that,”
said Marcy Maretti, Marketing and Communications Manager. “Our goal is to make this logo accessible by all
businesses and agencies to advertise and put it on their products. The logo will not have copyright restrictions
and will be in the public domain.”

The submissions will be judged by a panel consisting of members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of
Commerce, the Economic Development Commission and select industrial members. There are specific
guidelines to follow.

Additional information, rules and guidelines are available at the Chamber of Commerce website at