The City of Santa Maria is pleased to announce the formation of a Code Compliance Volunteer Patrol. Through this program, residents will work together with the City to preserve and improve residential neighborhoods and make Santa Maria a better place to live and work. Santa Maria residents who want to pitch in to help keep neighborhoods clean and presentable are encouraged to apply.

Code Compliance Volunteer Patrol members will assume tasks similar to those performed by Code Compliance officers. The volunteers will help uphold community standards by expressing enthusiasm for improving and motivating the community through educational events and projects.

Members of the Volunteer Patrol will be trained prior to assuming duties. Generally, they will be assigned field work with a partner. Necessary supplies will be provided by the City. Selected volunteers will donate several hours per month; work schedules are flexible but will generally consist of four to eight hours per week. Volunteers must possess a high school diploma or equivalency, must possess an ability to read and write, and have a valid California driver’s license.

The City’s Code Compliance program operates through the City Attorney’s Office. Through its successful “Walk and Talk” program, the Code Compliance Division staff directly meets with and educates thousands of households about quality of life issues as they relate to Municipal Codes violations. This program received the Best Innovative Program Award for 2014 presented by the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers.

Volunteer applications are available on the City’s website at Questions may be directed to the City Attorney’s Office, 925-0951 ext. 420.