Attendees of the Build Your Business Breakfast put on by the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce Visitors and Convention Bureau listen to a presentation by Michael Corob.

Michael Corob of Youani Arts (pronounced you-an-eye) was the featured showcase Friday morning at the weekly Build Your Business Breakfast.

Members and several Chamber Ambassadors enjoyed breakfast and networking at the A Street Cafe at VTC Enterprises. Each person was given a 60-second introduction to identify themselves and their businesses, as well as their latest offerings.

Corob capped off the morning with a 12-minute showcase, highlighting his art and tile prints. Some in the crowd were past customers who offered their own testimonials of Corob’s work. Corob said his pursuit of art began 53 years ago when his grandfather gave him a notebook where his first sketches were of people featuring big noses.

Michael Corob of Youani Arts shows off one of his sketches he produced from scenes at the fair.

As part of the program, attendees were given an opportunity to offer spontaneous testimonials regarding products or services their received from their fellow members. They were also given a chance to share business referrals with one another. ~ Justin Stoner, Communications & Marketing Manager, Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce