The Old Town Orcutt Revitalization Association (OTORA) would like to announce that Chevron (on behalf of property owner Phillips 66) has committed to the remediation of 201 South Marcum Street in Old Town Orcutt. Phillips 66 intends to license the property to OTORA for long-term use as a community parking lot.

In accordance with OTORA’s mission to promote a pedestrian friendly commercial district in Old Town Orcutt, the parking lot will include 50-75 parking spaces for daily activities and event parking, and a bicycle rack. Funds to construct the parking lot will likely come from private sources and donated materials.

The site is located at 201 South Marcum Street, on the south side of Clark Avenue and to the west of Orcutt Union Plaza. Chevron has applied for APCD and Land Use permits with hopes that the remediation can begin in the spring of 20016 and finished within the year.   The action plan, which has been approved by the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department, includes the excavation of 18,500 cubic yards (CY) of hydrocarbon-impacted soil from the site and replaced with back fill.

Old Town Orcutt Revitalization Association is a grass-roots style 501C organization that is committed to implementing the Orcutt Community Plan including increasing the commerce and culture of the Old Town Orcutt business district. Other OTORA projects include: rezoning of commercial properties in Old Town, re-striping Clark Ave for more parking, planting and maintaining over 30 trees along Clark Ave, installing a community clock, installing benches, and funding the Old Maude Mural at the 76 station.

“This parking lot will be vital to future commercial and economic growth of Old Town Orcutt”. Berto Van Veen, Founding OTORA Member

“We have been working with two oil companies and numerous departments of the county for over 5 years to get to this point”. Brett Krausse, OTORA President

“The community and the commercial district are really looking forward to having a community parking lot for everybody to use”. Steve Strachan, Former OTORA President