One of the most important roles of a Chamber of Commerce is to represent the interests of its members and the general business community to legislators and government officials.   The Santa Maria Valley Chamber, in partnership with other Chambers throughout our region and state, works hard to ensure that elected leaders understand the potential impacts of proposed legislation before they cast their vote.   Our objective in this effort is to create an environment in our community and state which is the most friendly to business and economic vitality as possible.

Working with our partners at the California Chamber of Commerce, SMVCC tracked legislators votes on a series of key pieces of legislation this year.   We are pleased to report that Assemblymember Katcho Achadjian continued his strong tradition of supporting businesses by voting with us on 11 of the 13 bills tracked this year.

While Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson only voted with business on two of the priority bills tracked in the State Senate this year, we appreciate her support on those bills.   Both bills reduced risk and cost to businesses by reducing frivolous and costly lawsuits, while allowing common sense approaches for businesses to directly correct issues when they arise.   Additionally, we were pleased to support the Senator’s bill addressing the ongoing gap in wages between genders.   We salute her for the passage of this important legislation, clearly establishing the standard of equal pay for equal work throughout California.

The Santa Maria Valley Chamber is committed to working with all of our elected leaders to ensure that we each understand the other’s perspectives and priorities throughout the legislative process.  We look forward to working with both Senator Jackson and Assemblyman Achadjian during the 2016 session to ensure issues important to the economic vitality of the Central Coast region are addressed.

For a description of all bills tracked by the Chamber this year and a complete voting record for the State Senate and Assembly in 2015, click here:  CA Legislature Business Vote Record 2015