Doctors Raul Perez, Ruth Garzon, Hendrick Gonzalez, and Lizzett Mujica serve Santa Maria residents at the Santa Barbara Family Dentistry.

What do you like most about doing business in Santa Maria?

We really enjoy that although we are in a city setting, it has the feeling of a small community where people are friendly and helpful. At our practice we see a large percentage of Latinos because most of our doctors and staff are bilingual. We also accept all ages and we cater to families throughout the entire Central Coast.

What factor has the greatest impact on your industry?

The factors that greatly impact our industry are dental problems and the lack of education in proper oral hygiene. For those reason, we focus tremendously on patient education because we want them to know how to prevent future dental problems even after receiving dental treatment.

What advice would you give to a company just starting out?

The advice we would give to a company just starting out is to be completely honest, truly care about your customers and fulfill any promise that you make. Always remember to exchange in abundance.

Santa Barbara Family Dentistry is located at 620 West Main Street in Santa Maria.
Santa Barbara Family Dentistry is located at
620 West Main Street in Santa Maria.

Do you have an example of a recent success or large project the community should know about?

The greatest success we have is putting hundreds of healthy patients back in our community. Healthy teeth and gums is our slogan and exactly what we want for every one of our patients.

Any changes to your business, staff or services coming up? Any events?

Santa Barbara Family Dentistry is constantly participating in community events including health fairs, career/college fairs and trade shows. Most recently, during every month of this year, we will be having a monthly raffle and each item can be seen on our Facebook page which is also very interactive.

How did you start?

Founder and CEO Hendrick Gonzalez is a native of the island of Cuba, He came to the United States and after completing his requirements he received his license and started practicing on the Central Coast in 2003.

Dr. Gonzalez said he strongly believes in keeping up to date with the latest dental technology through his own continuing education. He has postgraduate training in oral surgery (including Implants), crown and bridge rehabilitation, endodontics, periodontal and prosthodontic treatments.