Most professionals go into business to serve customers, not manage employees and struggle with a tangle of changing rules and regulations. Fortunately in Santa Maria, business owners can turn to Your People Professionals.

For nearly 30 years, Sandra Dickerson and Cindy McKellar at Your People Professionals (YPP) have been helping local businesses navigate the confusing human resources landscape and tricky employee situations. YPP is located at 2605 S. Miller St, Suite 107 in Santa Maria with an additional office in Pleasanton, CA.

“When we started most people in our industry were trying to grow very, very large and become a national brand and eventually sell their company,” Dickerson said. “We looked at that and decided that’s not who we are; it’s not who we want to be. We’re kind of a boutique HR consulting firm.”

“We did that because we like being hands on and we like having really good relationships with our clients,” she said.

YPP is owned by Dickerson and McKellar, who are co-CEOs.

“I have always focused on the front end service area for YPP,” Dickerson said. “I also handle the corporate activity and corporate records. I am an attorney though I don’t practice. Cindy handles accounting and payroll issues.”

YPP helps California businesses lower the risk and cost of employee benefits, workers’ compensation, payroll and HR by offering a full range of HR services. Whether your business needs occasional HR consulting for those inevitable employee issues that come up in business or full-time dedicated HR Management, YPP is fully equipped to design and implement the solutions that will drive your business to the next level.

“The quality of work we do is evidenced by our very few employment claims,” she said. “We try very hard to make sure we are giving our clients the best advice. You can do everything right but things still happen. You can have a claim against you but our frequency is very low, knock on wood.”

While some employers hope to keep the cost of doing business down by handling their own HR issues, it can cost them more in the long run when they run into complicated situations or changes in regulations. YPP has tailored services to address that with “Big Business Benefits on a Small Business Budget.” Employers can get:
• HR Management, with a dedicated HR Manager
• HR Policies
• HR Compliance
• Benefit Plans Design and Management
• 401K Retirement Plan
• 125 Cafeteria Plan
• Payroll Processing
• Payroll Tax Payments & Reporting
• Workers Compensation Management

Dickerson said changes rolling out as a result of the Fair Pay Act could be problematic for businesses who aren’t up to speed on the changes.

“The Fair Pay Act is one of the most substantive issues we’ve had on the books in a long time. Right now it’s not on many employers’ radar,” Dickerson said. “It is the most stringent fair pay act in the nation.
We’ve had an equal pay act for a very long time. But California’s fair pay act is much tougher.”