Abba Employer Services, Inc. provides local businesses with complete personnel management services. From payroll management to handling employee benefits, they strive to provide companies with an easy, all-inclusive way to deal with the ever-increasing burden of employee related administration.


Living most of her life in Santa Maria, Abba Employer Services, Inc. Owner Gina Avalos is very familiar with the local economy. Growing up locally, she moved away and worked in staffing and human resources before returning to Santa Maria to open her own company.

“Being born and raised [in Santa Maria], I already had a base of people I knew,” Avalos explained. “and that base has grown since. I have a lot of clients that have been with me 20-25 years”.

Avalos attributes the success of Abba Employer Services, Inc. to being able to evolve her company and offer new services as times change. “Employers have become very selective,” Avalos said. “20, 30 years ago you didn’t drug test or criminal background check when hiring people. But now, we do that.”

The Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to welcome Abba Employer Services, Inc. as one of our newest members. They are located at 110 South Pine Street #103 in Santa Maria. Check out the video below to learn more about Abba Employer Services, Inc.