DSC_9478Alex Ferrel been a painting contractor for 10 years now, but has only been in his Santa Maria location for about a year and a half now.

Whatever your painting needs may be, Alex Ferrel and his team are here to help! They specialize in four areas of painting: federal work (like military installations), residential, industrial and commercial. They have done many painting jobs in the local community, including painting the exterior of Rooney’s Irish Pub back in 2010.

Ferrel’s passion for the community and helping people is evident when talking with him about his business. Whether you’re a DIY-er looking for advice, or need professional painting services, Ferrel is happy to help.

“I always tell people if they want me to guide them, I can guide them. If they want advice, we are just a phone call away,” said Ferrel. “I applaud people who want to do the work themselves. But, you can’t beat the professional. Obviously you’re going to pay money, but you’re going to get a job well worth it.”

DSC_9482Giving back to the community has always been important to Ferrel, too. His company has done numerous painting jobs for local schools. In his spare time, Ferrel volunteers as a baseball coach at St. Joeseph High School here in Santa Maria. “I always tell my son, you have to be part of the community,” Ferrel said. “If you’re part of the fabric of the community, people will accept you and perhaps be more apt to choose you as your next customer.”

We are pleased to have Alex Ferrel as a valued member of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce! Their business is located at 201 S. Broadway, Suite I in Orcutt. You can learn more about Alex Ferrel painting on their website, and by viewing the video below.