Hometown Pharmacy is no stranger to the Santa Maria Community. Their pharmacy at 1482 South Broadway (inside Vallarta Supermarket) is their third in Santa Maria. The Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce welcomed them to the Chamber with a recent ribbon cutting.

Hometown Pharmacy owner Jospeh Abraham is passionate about providing healthcare to the local community, and wants to make sure everybody in Santa Maria has access to the services Hometown Pharmacy provides. He believes the local community needs more pharmacies.

“Santa Maria needs 6 more pharmacies”, Abraham said. “And we welcome competition. We believe it’s good for the community – it’s good for everybody”.

Hometown Pharmacy is passionate about putting their customers first. Abraham recognizes the importance of proper communication between pharmacists and their patients. By having a bilingual staff fluent in both Spanish and English, they are better able to serve a wider demographic of people in Santa Maria.

DSC_0059“If you don’t know how to use the medicine right, sometimes it can fire back and cause an adverse reaction,” explains Abraham. “That’s why good communication is so important. We need to make sure our customers understand their prescriptions and how to take the medicine properly”.

Even if you don’t have a prescription to fill, Hometown Pharmacy encourages people to stop by with any questions they may have. They also offer services like free blood pressure monitoring.

“People come through saying ‘I’m feeling this, I’m feeling that,’ and what we can provide them is some over the counter medications, or just some basic home remedy advice”. employee Nathan Garcia said. “It never hurts to check. You may find out something that could help you live better, live healthier”.

The Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to welcome Hometown Pharmacy as one of our members. Learn more about their businesses by visiting their website HERE, or giving them a call at (805) 322-3411. Check out the video below to learn more about Hometown Pharmacy.