“If we don’t have it we can make it for you” is the motto at Taqueria Carmelita, a family-run Mexican restaurant located at 809 North Broadway in Santa Maria.

IMG_8708The restaurant has been open for 3-4 months now. They serve up breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Some of their specalties include burritos, their spicy sauce and tamales wrapped in banana leaf.

“What people really love is our Menudo, which we serve on weekends,” said manager Froylan Garcia. “That is definitely one of our most popular items.”

Taqueria Carmelia also offers daily specials throughout the week, including $4.99 burritos on Mondays and taco specials on Tuesdays.

Taqueria Carmelita opened 4 months ago, and the Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to have them now as a member. You can visit Taqueria Carmelita at 809 North Broadway, Ste F in Santa Maria. Check out the video below to learn more about this Mexican restaurant.