It is with great excitement that we invite you to join us for a meetup on Tuesday, June 7th at 6pm in Room 105 at SBBCollege in Santa Maria. This event is built to be educational, informative, and serve as a great networking opportunity for both students, faculty, and the community.

We are excited to invite Giovanni Rodriguez to join us for an important fireside chat and informal conversation around the topic of “A new narrative: What our city can learn from other regions about reinventing itself for tech and the creative economy. “

There will be networking, pizza, refreshments, and a great opportunity to participate in a landmark discussion focused on helping to inspire action and impact in Northern Santa Barbara County.

The purpose of the meetup is:

  • To connect students to the community.
  • Provide for solid networking opportunities.
  • Deliver educational content of value to the community.
  • Establish SBBCollege as a more prominent pillar in the local economy.
  • Invite the community and local leaders to explore relevant topics of interest vital to the economic vitality of our city and region.
  • Spread ideas that matter. (Much like TED.)
  • Inspire action.

This is the second meetup hosted thus far and part of an exciting vision to help increase the scope of student/community-based activities at SBBCollege Santa Maria.

Attendees can RSVP by visiting: http://themeetupsm.splashthat.com

We recognize that this is the beginning of some exciting groundswell activity at the campus and truly part of a bigger opportunity to spread our influence and impact as educators in the local economy. However, this is by no means a singular effort and it is our hope that many of you will get involved by providing additional input/ideas that will help amplify the reach and value provided to students and our local community.

Giovanni Rodriguez is founder of The Silicon Valley Story Lab, a soon-to-be-launched venture that provides branding, positioning, and community-driven growth strategies to organizations in markets that matter (where social impact creates economic opportunity).  Over the years, he has advised numerous organizations including The White House, the Democratic National Committee, the AARP, Coca-Cola, SAP, Microsoft, Google, VMware, Singularity University (which he helped to launch in 2009), and dozens of technology startups, from market entry to exit.  Over the past year, he has begun advising and counseling leaders in different regions — e.g., Israel, Guadalajara, and Puerto Rico — on strategies for creating global city brands that leverage their unique assets and market opportunities.  He writes about his work and travel for Forbes.com, where he has been a regular contributor since 2011.