Arts & Crafts FairElizabeth Acosta has always enjoyed attending Renaissance Fairs throughout California, but disliked coming home and being unable to find any of the products that the fairs would offer.

“It was often frustrating to find fantastic pieces of art in other larger towns, but not have a store locally that offers these types of products,” Acosta explained. “I would travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco looking for items we couldn’t find here at home. Statues, books, incense, unique jewelry. I’d always get complimented on the items I would get, but could never find a place locally to get something similar.”

Realizing others may share in her frustration, Acosta opened CovenTree Olde World Market. The store, located at 722 E. Main Street in Santa Maria, offers a wide selection of unique books, gift items and Renaissance-era products, and is a must-visit for anyone interested in the metaphysical or mythological.

From books and statues to incense, artwork and a variety of hand-made items, CovenTree’s eclectic product line caters to anyone looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

“We have so many areas of interest, that it makes it hard to say who specifically we cater to,” Acosta said. “I guess I would say we cater to the open minded.”

IMG_9915In addition to their unique product selection, CovenTree offers a variety of classes and events that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else locally.

“We have quite the selection of classes – yoga, crochet, tarot, drum making, chakra cleansing – the list goes on,” Acosta said. “The classes we offer reflect my own interests, as well as those who make products for CovenTree or come buy from us. We always try to cater to locals who enjoy what CovenTree has to offer.”

A central coast native, Acosta has lived in the Santa Maria area all her life, and likes that being a business owner gives her a chance to give back to the local community.

“We support local artists and authors by offering their items for sale at the store, and our classes are all taught by local experts,” explains Acosta. “I think it is very important to support the local community in any way I can. These are the people who support my store, and its great that I can in turn give back and help support them.”

IMG_9918And what does the future hold for CovenTree? Acosta’s main priority is to expand their book selection and offer more new and best seller titles.

“I love the gift section of the store, and will always have it, but this town needs a full fledged book store,” Acosta said. “I am working toward filling as much of that need as I can.”

As Acosta looks towards the future for CovenTree, she remains grateful to be a business owner in the community she’s called home all her life.

“I love that I have finally opened up the store I’ve always wanted. I love the energy, and the positive feedback I am receiving from my customers,” Acosta said. “I really enjoy coming to “work” everyday. It doesn’t feel like work, it is my passion, and that’s a pretty incredible thing.”

Elizabeth encourages everyone to stop by CovenTree Olde World Market to see firsthand the products and classes the store offers. They are located at 722 E. Main Street in Santa Maria. You can learn more on their website at