signThe June 3rd deadline for bills to pass the house has passed, and we saw just four job killer bills move forward to the second house:

Affordable Housing Barriers

SB 1150 (Leno; D-San Francisco) Erodes Housing Availability: Increases liability risk and the cost of residential loans by allowing a party not on the mortgage loan to interfere with appropriate foreclosures and creates a private right of action for violations of overly complex and burdensome requirements. To Assembly.

SB 1318 (Wolk; D-Davis) Erodes Housing Affordability: Inappropriately leverages necessary affordable housing in order to solve infrastructure issues with the consequence that the housing won’t be built by imposing requirements on water or waste water districts to serve certain communities first. To Assembly.

Increased Labor Costs

SB 1166 (Jackson; D-Santa Barbara) Imposes New Maternity and Paternity Leave Mandate: Unduly burdens and increases costs of small employers with as few as 10 employees, as well as large employers with 50 or more employees, by requiring 12 weeks of protected employee leave for maternity or paternity leave, and exposes all employers to the threat of costly litigation. To Assembly.

Meritless Litigation

SB 899 (Hueso; D-San Diego) Increased Meritless Litigation Costs: Drives up consumer costs and increases frivolous litigation similar to the disability access lawsuits in California, by prohibiting a retailer or grocery store from discriminating against a person on the basis of gender with the price of goods and subjecting them to a minimum $4,000 of damages for each violation. Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Additionally, three job creator bills have moved forward to the second house:

Reducing Affordable Housing Barriers

SB 1069 (Wieckowski; D-Fremont) Increases Housing Supply: Creates and expedites additional housing supply by streamlining the permitting process for Accessory Dwelling Units. Assigned to the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee and Assembly Local Government Committee; no hearing date set.

Economic Growth Incentives

AB 2664 (Irwin; D-Thousand Oaks) Increased Innovation and Entrepreneurship:Makes it easier to establish a business by expanding capacity and increasing access to the University of California (UC) and Berkeley National Laboratory to their innovation and entrepreneurship centers, which provide incubator space, legal services, entrepreneur training and more for researchers and other individuals looking to develop innovative solutions. In Senate Rules awaiting policy committee assignment.

SB 936 (Hertzberg; D-Van Nuys) Loan Access: Encourages creation of small businesses by expanding their access to loans, which helps them grow. Assembly Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy Committee hearing June 21.

Content courtesy of CalChamber.