Central Coast Realty Group Owners Erny and Eric Pinckert are joined by family, friends and the local community to celebrate the grand opening of their Orcutt office.

The Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce helped Central Coast Realty Group celebrate the grand opening of their Orcutt office with a ribbon cutting and open house.

“We have an office in Lompoc and an office in Arroyo Grande, and we wanted to bridge the gap between the two,” explained co-broker and owner of Central Coast Realty Group Eric Pinckert. “We’re very excited to be here today.”

Central Coast Realty Group is a locally owned realty business that specializes in both buying and selling properties on the central coast. The two owners of the company have a combined 60+ years experience in the real estate industry, and have offices from Lompoc to San Luis Obispo.

As co-broker and owner Erny Pinckert explained, it made a lot of sense for Central Coast Realty Group to open their newest office in Orcutt.

Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce Membership Manager Cara Martinez presents the ceremonial ribbon to Central Coast Realty Group owner and co-broker Erny Pinckert, joined by owner and co-broker Eric Pinckert and associate manager Martha Beckman.

“Out of the entire central coast, our most active part is the Orcutt and and Lompoc area,” he said. “And that’s because it’s a price-driven market.” Pinckert explained that the home prices in the Orcutt area are more affordable than other areas along the central coast, making it a popular choice for people looking to move to this area.

“We actually love being here in Old Orcutt too because we see it as one of the up and coming areas of the central coast,” associate manager Martha Beckman said. “We’re really going to enjoy being here at this location.”

Central Coast Realty Group is located at 145 S. Gray St., Ste 201 in Old Orcutt. You can learn more about the company by visiting their website HERE.