Solve-it! Companies LLC is located in Santa Maria. The company serves as an umbrella for three brands focused on manufacturing accessories for mobile phones and tablets.
Solve-It! Companies recently consolidated their three locations into one in Santa Maria, located at 2360 Thompson Way, Ste. E.

Solve-it! Companies has a new home in Santa Maria. The marketing and manufacturing-focused company recently consolidated their three locations into one here locally. Originally based in Simi Valley and San Luis Obispo, the company decided that Santa Maria would provide the resources and services they needed to continue expanding.

“We considered other cities but found Santa Maria to be the best choice for us,” said Trevor Orrick, VP of Sales/Business Development for Solve-It! Companies LLC. “We found that Santa Maria had larger warehouse facilities and saw the potential for future growth.”

In addition to the space, Orrick said Santa Maria offer a great network of professionals who could serve as potential staff members as the company continues to expand.
“There are many qualified new hires who have experience in product assembly here in Santa Maria” he said. “We hope to be able to grow our business and support local as much as we can.”

The company has already begun to utilize local suppliers and other local manufacturers. “The quality of local manufacturers has been astounding,” Orrick said.
Originally started as a marketing company in 1994, Solve-it! Companies has shifted into a marketing and manufacturing company hosting four separate brands/product lines: Pad Grip, Solve-it Tools, Fit Grip and Mob Armor. Though each is a separate brand, they all focus on better utilizing existing technology.

Pad Grip offers tablet holding devices made for point of sale. Solve It Tools are simple device-holding tools for hands-free use. Fit Grip is a brand of tablet holding devices made specifically for strength and fitness gyms. And Mob Armor provides mobile phone and tablet holding devices for off-road vehicle use.

Accross all of their brands, Solve-it! Companies takes pride in the quality of craftsmanship they provide their clients.

“We build high quality products and stand behind them,” Orrick said. “We do what we say we will do, and we deliver on time and or early.”

And meeting those deadlines isn’t always easy. Orrick recalled one particular project they did for Nordstrom department stores, where they needed a new point of sale system that would replace every outdated system in all of their US and Canada stores. The catch? A narrow three month deadline.

“We had only three months to design, engineer and manufacture for the first phase installations,” Orrick explained. “Our entire company worked night and day to meet the deadline. Nordstrom loved what we came up with and after two years of manufacturing our product is used in every one of their stores to help customers checkout. Nordstrom also told us “Solve It is the best vendor they have ever worked with”.”

Orrick says he enjoys being a part of the design and manufacturing process for all of their product lines, with each bringing its own set of obstacles to overcome. Now that they have settled in to their Santa Maria location, Orrick says their future growth for Solve-It! includes developing IOS and Android Apps to compliment existing projects. They also have some virtual reality projects in the pipeline.

“The future looks great for Solve-It! Companies,” he said. “Our sales team is growing and we are bringing on 20-30 resellers a month. Best of all we have put together a hard working team with a focus on growth. It will be exciting to see what the future brings.”

Solve-it! Companies is located at 2360 Thompson Way in Santa Maria. You can learn more about their product lines at http://www.solveitcompanies.com.