Summertime and the Living is… BUSY.

Don’t you hate how busy life is? Do you long for a couple of days off…to do absolutely nothing?

The Santa Maria Valley offers all you need for the perfect staycation.
The Santa Maria Valley offers all you need for the perfect staycation.

Well, you should. Paid time off, vacation time, comp time, whatever you’ve got coming, you’re entitled to. ‘Time waits for no one’, my Dad likes to say, and it’s true. Don’t miss out on spending time with loved ones, time alone, time to … whatever. Or time will keep on passing you by, and you will get more and more tired, weary by the day, miss out on time to do fun things and spend time with family and friends.

I introduce to you, Project: Time Off*. This is U.S. Travel Association’s initiative ‘to prove the value of time off for personal well-being, professional success, business performance, and economic expansion.’

Did you know…
• 55% of Americans did not use all their vacation time in 2015, amounting to $648 million in unused days. No wonder some people walk around like zombies, feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, exhausted and depressed.
• 222 million of those un-taken vacation days are lost. They can’t be rolled over or paid out, just lost. This equates to these people basically volunteering time to work.
• Unused vacation result in billions in lost revenue for our economy. If people had used their vacation time last year, $223 billion would have gone into the US economy and 1.6 million jobs would have been created – resulting in even more income.
• If Americans were to just use one more vacation day, it would contribute $34 billion in total spending to the U.S. economy.

Here on the Central Coast of California, we live in the perfect place to plan an excellent staycation. You know, where you take time off and enjoy your local area, instead of going someplace else? If you take a staycation, you extend the length of your free time, with no extensive driving time, no traffic delays, and no standing in long lines. Plus your spending happens at local businesses, supporting the jobs of our brothers and sisters. We’ve got it pretty good here.

How about filling out that vacation slip today? Then come visit our office at 614 S. Broadway, and we’ll introduce you to activities and events to fill up your vacation time to create one heck of an awesome Central Coast Staycation.

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