MidYearWhitePaperThe California Chamber of Commerce has released a new white paper that explains important changes to employment law.

It’s already been a busy 2016 for employers, with lots of action from the California Legislature, federal and state agencies, local governments and the courts.

CalChamber’s free 2016 Midyear Employment Law Update white paper recaps some of the more significant developments to date in these areas:

  • Wage and Hour
  • Discrimination and Harassment
  • Disability-Related Protections
  • Working Conditions and Workplace Safety

Employers will learn about changes to the state minimum wage and the new federal overtime rule; issues related to transgender employees; protections for non-disabled employees; wellness programs; and “suitable seating,” among other topics.

Look to CalChamber’s employment law experts, and our convenient HR compliance products and services, for current and comprehensive employment law information. CalChamber members can download the white paper from the HR Library; nonmembers can download it here.