Jessica Castro
The Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce is happy to welcome Jessica Castro as one of our newest official ambassadors!

The Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce is happy to welcome Jessica Castro as one of our newest official ambassadors!

Jessica’s journey to the Central Coast has taken her all over the place, but she’s very happy to call Lompoc, California the place she has planted some roots! Jessica was born and raised in the small town of Ojai, California. There she attended school until she reached high school and her mother had the opportunity to become a principal at Saint Bonaventure High School in Ventura, Ca. As a kid, Jessica and her brother were raised with animals and spent lots of time playing sports and enjoying the outdoors! During high school she was introduced to the President of the University of Arizona Alumni Club. Bob introduced Jessica to the University of Arizona where she made Tucson her home for 6 years. At the University she received her Bachelors double majoring in English and Pre-Law, as well as the start to her Masters degree in Public Administration.

While working for the University, Jessica had to attend a career fair to recruit college students for jobs at the University. There she was introduced to Wells Fargo. Her future manager had a booth right next to Jessica, where he courted her for 2 long weeks, ultimately leading to what she had no idea would be the start to her career at Wells Fargo Bank. As Jessica worked on her Masters degree she worked as a teller, then lead teller, to customer service representative until she moved back to Ojai, California in 2013.

When Jessica moved back to California she had the opportunity to transfer with Wells Fargo. Here now having her degree she was really looking to get out of the bank and do what she thought would be some career within what she went to school for. But when Jessica moved back she was given a promotion to a personal banker, working in Camarillo, California. Jessica worked tirelessly in Camarillo and quickly became the top performing banker in that region. This was still not enough. At 23 years old she still wanted something that could be more of a challenge, something more exciting than banking. Jessica’s district manager approached her about an opportunity to be the first to go through the licensed banker training. Here she attended 6 vigorous months of training and receiving her investment licenses. This began Jessica’s career as a licensed banker. For the last 3 years she has been promoted to Licensed Premier Banker II.

Jessica bought a place in Lompoc about a year ago where her boyfriend is from. They have decided to start their roots or continue his together there surrounded with family. This ultimately brought Jessica to work in Santa Maria at the Main Street Branch Wells Fargo, where she will continue her 5 year journey as a Licensed Premier Banker. Today Jessica specializes in lending, retirement and investment planning.

In her spare time outside of the branch, Jessica helps her boyfriend with his cattle ranch and hay business. Together they spend their summers on Lake Nacimento in Paso Robles! They spend as much time outdoors as we can. Jessica absolutely loves being on the ranch and helping wherever she can! She jokes to those who know her that she owns as many pairs of heels as she does boots! Jessica feels so fortunate that being an Ambassador has helped her become more connected with the Central Coast!