The City of Santa Maria welcomes interested observers to attend a Multi-Sports Use Field Committee meeting at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 26th, at the Abel Maldonado Community Youth Center, 600 S. McClelland Street. The City is seeking funding and land opportunities for more sports fields.

The meeting agenda may include: process and scheduling of meetings, review of potential committee candidates, review of proposed complex design, possible grant opportunities, and creation of a timeline for an action plan to report on at December’s City of Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Commission meeting.

As background, in March the City Council at a public workshop identified as one of its priorities the need to address inadequate City facilities, specifically a sports complex. On October 18th, the City Council approved allowing staff to apply for a $1 million State grant to develop more soccer fields.

On September 13th, the City’s Recreation and Parks Commission held a public hearing regarding the public’s interest/support for a field sports complex. The Commission heard comments from many members of the community regarding the lack of practice and game space needed for a variety of sports, with soccer being the leading group. The need for a regional facility at one location instead of several was expressed. After hearing from the public, the Commission designated two Commissioners and staff as a committee.  This committee will be augmented with members of the community with an interest in sports fields at the committee’s discretion.

For additional information please call the Recreation and Parks Department at (805) 925-0951 extension 2260.

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Contact Person:                      Jim Davis, Parks Services Manager

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