e jonesTo protect the Hancock Park neighborhood from street flooding caused by rain over the next several days, today the City of Santa Maria Public Works Department is placing a temporary dam called a “muscle wall” on East Jones Street – closing off Farrell Drive and Marian Drive.

Muscle wall is a tough plastic barrier that can be filled with water and connected by sections to form a temporary dam in order to divert water flow.

East Jones Street is now closed.  Placement of these barrier walls should help guide the water away, alleviating flooding concerns in the adjacent neighborhood.

Residents can use Palisade Drive to Main Street during the closure.

Notification to residents within the Hancock Park neighborhood is being made via the City’s mass notification system.

Questions may be directed to Mark van de Kamp at the City Manager’s Office, 925-0951 ext. 2372.

Department:                             City Manager’s Office

Contact Person:                      Mark van de Kamp, Public Information Officer/Management Analyst

Telephone Number:                  (805) 925-0951 ext. 2372 or 720-4038

E-mail Address:                        mvandekamp@cityofsantamaria.org