The City of Santa Maria will buy its new, upgraded public safety computer aided dispatch and records management system, through lease financing with Community Bank of Santa Maria.

The total amount to be financed is $2.28 million over a 10-year period. This includes software, hardware, equipment, and training and maintenance. Historically, the City has acquired equipment after accumulating sufficient funding. The current low interest rate environment benefits the City borrowing the funds for this core public safety purchase, and avoids depleting cash reserves.

“The City focuses on the best use of taxpayer funds and also seeks to support local business and it is great when these two goals align.  The City is pleased to partner with a local bank for this important project,” said Mary Harvey, Director of Finance. “This necessary project update leverages advances in public safety technology to improve operations in the most cost-effective manner.”

“This transaction was a great opportunity to partner with the city for the benefit of the community at-large. We’re honored to have been chosen to be a part of it,” said Janet Silveria, President and Chief Executive Officer for Community Bank of Santa Maria.

Beyond replacing aged dispatch and records equipment, this project will place interactive computer systems in fire apparatus (similar to those in City police vehicles) that will enable fire personnel to directly access dispatch and records to assist them in anticipating what they will encounter on-scene.

Questions may be directed to the City Manager’s Office/Division, 925-0951 ext. 2372.

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