susan bgcWe would like to thank Susan Hersberger for her continued support of Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Maria Valley. Susan worked at Aera Energy and retired this week. Susan has been instrumental in securing significant donations from Aera Energy. These included the purchase of a van, Railroad gym renovations and replacing our roof. This rainy winter would have been a real nightmare if the roof hadn’t been replaced!

This week, we received a letter from Susan notifying us that Aera Energy is donating another $35,000 to help with the renovation of our Admin Offices.

At BGCSMV, we are often humbled and always thankful for the support of our generous patrons. We try and make sure that we say “Thank You” often and loudly. We don’t always succeed, but today we want to recognize the hard work and generosity of Susan Hersberger and Aera Energy. We are very grateful for your continued support of the children and teens we serve. We wish Susan a happy retirement and all the best in her future endeavors!  There are no words great enough to thank you for all of your help and support. We hope we will see you again soon.