20170301_101152_resizedHistoric Santa Maria Valley is community product inspired by the Santa Maria Valley Historical Museum and done with assistance from the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce.  A labor of about 2 years, with nearly 90 participants, six major sponsors and the story submissions of many valley families, this color coffee table book is a sure treasure for future generations.  It will be available March 19 at 2pm book-signing at the Minerva Club in Santa Maria. ( 127 W. Boone) The book is a modest price at $35.

Author Lucinda Ransick remarked about the many families that participated, “ There is history and then there is family history, flush with stories that can only be retold by those who lived it and those folks whose young ears heard the tales through the generations.”

20170301_125556_resizedThe cover captures in vibrant detail our Valley.  Artist Hattie Stoddard portrayed the color and familiar landscape beautifully.  Everyone will want to live here just from viewing the front cover!  After they meet our families, all will be sold on the Santa Maria Valley as a sweet spot on the Central Coast.

The book is also available to view online at the HPN website. Go to

http://hpnbooks.com/wordpress/?page_id=1563. click on the image of our book cover and the whole book will load. You can go forward and backward, even do a text search on it using Control F.

We are very proud to have this book available to our community.