sign-300x208The legislative season is moving at full speed and the number of bills being proposed continues to grow each week. Many of these bills are highly concerning in terms of the potential negative impact they would have on ability of our businesses to continue to drive a vibrant local economy. The Chamber of Commerce continues to monitor proposed legislation and to weigh in either in support or opposition as appropriate. We also continue to be active participants in coalitions of businesses and their industry organizations whenever possible to maximize the impact of our voices.

Each year, the CalChamber publishes a list of the most egregious or dangerous bills that it labels as Job Killers. This year, a total of 23 bills are currently on that list. The bills included would increase barriers to economic growth by creating barriers to affordable housing solutions, increase litigation and its associated costs/risks, create new barriers to economic development solutions, and increase labor costs for all employers across the state.

“We regularly monitor – and provide comment – on all of these anti-business bills,” stated Glenn Morris, Chamber president & CEO. “At the same time, we pay particularly attention to those bills that would most significantly impact small businesses in Santa Maria. We’re very concerned about a number of the bills this year that would continue to raise costs and add additional rules which would overwhelm local businesses.”

Morris also encouraged local business owners to speak up and add their individual voices and stories to the conversation. “Often it takes an individual story to demonstrate the impact a policy idea can have. We would love to be able to work with local business owners to share their personal concerns and get that information into the hands of legislators and those who can influence them,” he said. “Any business owner who wants to speak up can do so by using the sample letters available on the CalChamber site, or by sending a note to us at the Chamber and we’ll make sure it gets where it needs to be.”

Details on the 2017 Job Killer bills can be found HERE.

Sample letters that can be sent to legislators can be accessed HERE.

The Chamber will continue to be vigilant and active in helping to educate elected leaders and their staff about the impacts of proposed regulations and legislation. If your business or industry is concerned about a particular legislative proposal, or needs assistance in dealing with a regulatory agency, please reach out to our president/CEO, Glenn Morris (, 805.925.2403 x825) and we’ll do our best to assist.