Drivers may experience delays during road construction at the North Depot Intersection Improvement Project that begins Monday, June 26th.

The initial phase of this project involves work within the intersection of North Depot Street and Fesler/Railroad.  Souza Construction, under contract with the City of Santa Maria will be performing the work.  This initial phase is anticipated to take six to eight weeks to compleroad-constructionte.

The project is designed to enhance traffic operations and safety at each intersection, as well as provide improvements for pedestrian and bicycle access.  The City encourages the traveling public to be alert and follow all signage and striping through the intersection once the work is complete, as this project will modify how the intersection at North Depot Street and Fesler Street operates.  The most notable change will be the addition of stop signs for both eastbound and westbound Fesler Street, and the removal of stop signs for northbound Depot Street.

In addition, this project includes signal modifications to the intersection of North Deport Street and Main Street (Highway 166).  These signal modifications are anticipated to begin later this summer.

The driving public may experience delays during construction.  It is recommended to use alternate routes whenever possible to avoid delays. City staff strongly recommends that drivers obey all temporary construction signs and reduce driving speeds in construction areas.

This project is funded in large part through a Highway Safety Improvement Grant awarded to the City.

Questions may be directed to the Department of Public Works/Engineering Division, 925-0951 extension 2225.