city of santa mariaSanta Marians are asked to voluntarily reduce their water usage on Wednesday, June 21st and Thursday, June 22nd during a significant City water main project.

During that span, the amount of water available Citywide will be reduced because the City’s main water production facility will become temporarily isolated from the system. In preparation, the City will fill its water reservoirs before the work begins to maximize available supplies. Customers will then draw upon that 18 million gallons of water in storage for the 24 to 30 hours the system is isolated.

City crews and contractors working near Thompson Way and West McCoy Lane will excavate to expose a 42-inch-diameter concrete-lined steel pipe buried about seven to 10 feet deep. The pipe will be cut and a valve installed. The newly installed valve will allow the City to undertake further work at the City’s water blending station at a later date.

The project will begin on Thursday, June 15th as crews begin excavation. Traffic control along McCoy Lane west of Skyway will consist of cones and signs. Through traffic will not be affected.

Customers are advised that they may want to irrigate more before the project, such as watering their yards and gardens. The City’s Recreation and Parks Department will be reducing its irrigation of parks and the Nipomo Community Services District will not take deliveries of water from Santa Maria during the project.

Questions may be directed to the Utilities Department at 925-0951 extension 7270.

Department: Utilities
Contact Person: Shannon Sweeney, Water Resources Manager
Telephone Number: (805) 925-0951 ext. 7416
E-mail Address: