Chuck Williams, Lions Club President (center), with the installation crew from Staples Energy.
Chuck Williams, Lions Club President (center), with the
installation crew from Staples Energy.

Orcutt Lions Club is part of Lions Clubs International. It is the world’s largest service club organization, with more than 1.4 million members in approximately 46,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas around the world. The Orcutt Lions Club continues to make a difference through service work, activities and events that support the entire community.

The Santa Barbara County Energy Watch Partnership, which is administered by the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce, provided an energy upgrade for their facility by converting the lighting to LED’s inside and outside the facility. This work was performed by Staples Energy, the official Direct Install company for PG&E and the Partnership. Special rebates and program discounts by PG&E paid for the vast majority of costs associated with materials and labor. This greatly reduced the co-pay that was required to be paid by the organization.

Instead of requiring the Lions Club to pay the co-pay amount, the Energy Watch Partnership provided a grant designed to assist non-profits. The Lions Club was provided the full-facility, lighting upgrade at no cost whatsoever to the organization.

Chuck Williams, Lions Club President, was impressed by the installation work. “The crew showed up and went to work immediately.” He said during a walkthrough of the facility. Then, he pointed into the kitchen area. “It used to be hard to work in the kitchen area because of the poor lighting, and now it’s brighter than it’s ever been.”

Just how much did this project help the Lions Club? The upgrade to LED’s will save the club an estimated $101 dollars per month, or $1,215 annually. That’s money that can go to back into programs or for other essential facility upgrades.

The Santa Barbara County Energy Watch Partnership was pleased to provide assistance to the Orcutt Lions Club, which is an essential organization within the Orcutt community.