The Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce hit a home run with ExpoFest 2017: Business, Agriculture and Energy Industry Expo. The baseball – themed business expo saw some exciting additions this year that provided an informative, engaging and exciting time for the local community.

The free event was held on September 7 from 3:30pm to 9:00 pm at the Santa Maria Fairpark. In addition to the nearly 100 booths from the Business, Agriculture and Energy industries, the event included large energy equipment displays, live music from JD Hardy, Hollywood Blonde and DSB, food trucks and a kids zone with inflatables and face painting.

“The Business Expo gives businesses a chance to introduce, or reconnect, themselves with other local businesses and with the community at large.,” explained Glenn Morris, President/CEO of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce. “In one setting, they can network with a wide range of large and small businesses and strengthen local business relationships.”

Over a thousand local community members came out to this year’s ExpoFest. Business booths in the Park Plaza and Convention Center buildings were decorated in this year’s baseball theme, showcasing the idea that the Santa Maria business community is “one big team”, fueling, feeding and serving our local community.

Along with information about their businesses and services, booths had interactive games, treats, photo opportunities and more to engage the crowd in attendance.

Outside, local agriculture and energy companies had large equipment displays and booths that focused on the many facets of the industries. The energy exhibits including live demonstrations and information about the safety practices, safety and future of the industries.

“This year’s Expo was expanded to highlight one of our region’s foundational industries,” explained Morris. “The Chamber partnered with local energy producers and a wide range of their vendors and subcontractors to showcase the jobs, community investment, and economic impact of this industry. Educational booths were added to help people understand not just the scope of the economic value this industry brings, but also to highlight their commitment to safety, environmental stewardship, and employee training.

“The Ag and Energy industries are a big part of the overall economic makeup, these industries feed, fuel and support our residents with employment and many other important pieces of life in Santa Maria,” explained Suzanne Singh, Director of Economic Development for the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce. “This year we really wanted to bring it all together and highlight all theses industries – Business, Agriculture and Energy – to represent all the elements that make the SM Valley what it is.

Expofest 2017

To add to the community festival feel, the event also included food, wine and beer available from Lidos, BBQ in the Stix, Vaqueras and Cool Hand Lukes. Kids were entertained by facepainting and a variety of inflatables to play in while live music preformed on the main stage from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

Participants and the general public enjoyed networking, socializing and learning more about the local industries that fuel, feed and serve Santa Maria.

“The Expo is a great opportunity for businesses to connect with each other and find partners,” Morris said. “For the general public, it’s a great opportunity to discover local businesses they may not now about and get to know the people behind them in a relaxed, engaging environment.”