Commercial Activity and Concession Permit in Santa Maria Parks

To further improve the public’s overall experience at City parks and recreational areas, the City now requires vendor permits for concessionaires. Examples of common vending in City parks are ice cream trucks, bicycle food vending, dog training classes, and exercise and sports programs.

The intent is to provide vendors the ability to meet the needs of park patrons, ensure public safety, control misuse of parks, reduce traffic and health hazards, as well as to preserve the peace and welfare of the community. The Concession Application and Permit Ordinance for City Parks was approved in August by the City Council following public hearings. Such permits are common in like-sized cities.

There is a list of generally approved types of concessions permitted within the City of Santa Maria’s parks. Requests for products or services not specifically identified below may be considered for approval with a written request to the Director of the Recreation and Parks Department. Approved concession products and services include:

  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages for immediate consumption
  • Maps, umbrellas, and sundries
  • Fitness and training
  • Education and instruction

Vending may occur only during regular park operating hours. The following parks are usable with a mobile vendor permit:

  • North Preisker Ranch Park- 801 W. Boxcar Pl.
  • Preisker Park- 330 Hidden Pines Way
  • Grogan Park- 1155 W. Rancho Verde
  • Jim May Park- 809 Stanford Dr.
  • Oakley Park- 1300 N. Western Ave.
  • Atkinson Park- 1000 N. Railroad Ave.
  • Rice Park- 700 E. Sunset Ave.
  • Tunnell Park- 1100 N. Palisade Dr.
  • Sierra Vista Park- 809 Panther Dr.
  • Veterans’ Memorial Park- 313 W. Tunnell St.
  • Armstrong Park- 1000 E. Chapel St.
  • Civic Center- 421 S. McClelland St.
  • Russell Park- 1000 W. Church St.
  • Buena Vista Park- 800 S. Pine St.
  • Joe White Park- 500 S. Palisade Dr.
  • Adam Park & Basin- 600 W. Enos Dr.
  • Westgate Ranch Park- 1800 Westgate Rd.
  • Fletcher Park- 2200 S. College Dr.
  • Marilyn Stanley Park- 2600 La Costa Dr.
  • Rodenberger Park- 2725 Santa Barbara Dr.
  • Rotary Centennial Park- 2625 S. College Dr.
  • Maramonte Park- 620 E. Sunrise Dr.
  • Crossroads Basin- S. College Dr.

Vendors interested in acquiring a permit must complete the application process, pay annual fees, and adhere to the terms and conditions provided by the City. The modified fee structure is based on the City’s current specialty structure permit. The fees for concession permits are as follows:

  • $91 Education and Fitness Providers
  • $273 for up to three Mobile Bicycle Vending and Push-Carts
  • $91 for each additional Mobile Bicycle Vending and Push-Carts
  • $273 for Motorized Vehicles

The fees collected from permit issuances will be used to regulate vendors’ activities and the impacts of vending in the parks and recreational areas to keep park users safe.

For more information on the Concession Application process or obtaining a Concession Permit please call (805) 925-0951 extension 2260 or come into the Recreation and Parks Department’s administrative office at 615 S. McClelland Street.

Questions may be directed to the Recreation and Parks Department, (805) 925-0951 extension 2260.