Recruits from Class #03 will graduate from the CORE Custody Academy on Thursday, October 19, at 10 a.m. The ceremony will take place at the Allan Hancock College Public Safety Training Complex at One Hancock Drive in Lompoc. 

The Allan Hancock College CORE Custody Academy is designed to satisfy requirements from the State of California Standards and Training for Corrections (STC). The course is intended for students wanting to be hired as a custody officer by a law enforcement agency or who are currently employed as such.

The CORE Custody Academy is an intensive college course with para-military discipline. Students attending the academy are academically and physically challenged, faced with solving complex problems in a stressful, disciplined and structured environment. Recruits receive basic training in many phases of custody and care of prisoners.

The program was developed, in part, to help meet the demand of local jails; the new women’s prison in San Luis Obispo was completed in March 2017, and the Santa Barbara County Northern Branch Jail Project in Santa Maria will be completed in November 2018.

The graduating recruits of Class #03 completed 220-hour course of instruction as the core work for their state certification at the academy. Instruction included emergency planning in a custody facility, report writing, ethics, investigation procedures, classification of inmates, contraband, arrest and control, physical training, CPR/First Aid and emergency vehicle operations.

Questions regarding the academy can be directed to Neal Lemaire at 805-922-6966 ext. 3284.

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