We recently welcomed the Mexican Ladies Social Club to the Chamber with a ribbon cutting. The community club has a rich history in Santa Maria, and is known for their annual Black and White Ball fundraiser they hold every year.

The club has 24 members, all women, who help raise funds for community organizations and plan their main event, the Black and White Ball, each year. The club is currently at its capacity, and only accepts new members when someone decides to leave the club.

This year will be the 71st annual Black and White Ball. Held at the Elks Lodge, the ball has continued to grow every year, and the ladies said that the even has begun to draw a much younger crowd. Proceeds from the event go to the Boy & Girls Club of Santa Maria Valley. In total, the club has raised over $200,000 for the local organization over the years it has held the event.

The ball is also where the Mexican Ladies Social Club’s queen is chosen for the coming year. The queen is chosen by a panel of judges made up of community members and judged on things like poise, stature and charm. Throughout the year, the queen helps promote the Mexican Ladies Social Club by participating in various parades and other events the organization supports.

The Mexican Ladies Social Club says they chose to donate proceeds from the Black & White Ball to the Boys & Girls Club because of all the support the organization provides to the community. Many of the women have children who use the services of the Boys & Girls club, and they see directly the value this organization has to the community.

This year’s ball will be held on October 21st. Tickets are $150 per couple or $75 for individual. For more information about the event, contact Barbara Fleming 805-922-8921.

We are thrilled to have Mexican Ladies Social Club as valued members of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce, and are thankful for all this organization does for the community! Watch the video below to learn more about the Mexican Ladies Social Club.