Help build a better Broadway and enliven Downtown!

In 2015, the people of Santa Maria helped shape an exciting future by creating the Santa Maria Downtown Specific Plan (Downtown Plan). The Downtown Plan established a vision, regulations, and guidelines to revitalize, beautify, and redevelop the core of the City. Downtown Santa Maria is beginning the implementation of that plan by focusing on how to improve the design of Downtown’s streets and public spaces.

Project Purpose

Our goal is to create a fun, vibrant, and enjoyable downtown that our community is proud of. This project will provide detailed guidance to improve walkways, crosswalks, bicycle routes, streets, sidewalks, transit, and help calm traffic. We need your help to identify how to enhance the downtown experience for all users.

Downtown is the heart of our city. Our goal is to create better connections to surrounding communities and key destinations, such as retail areas, civic areas, Allan Hancock Community College, and the Transit Center.

What are Complete Streets?

Complete Streets are streets for everyone. They are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders of all ages and abilities. Every complete street looks different and may prioritize some modes over others, based on context, community needs and preferences.

Project Scope

The project will beautify and enhance the heart of Downtown Santa Maria, and pay special attention to improving Broadway and Main Street. The project will pave a path towards Complete Streets that support people traveling to and through downtown, whether walking, bicycling, taking transit, driving, pushing a stroller, or using a wheelchair. This plan will improve quality of life and the local economy by:
• Planning for sidewalks and bicycle lanes
• Creating a design theme for the downtown, including lighting, street furniture, public art, landscaping, and clear signage
• Beautifying and enhancing downtown streets and public spaces for fun and social interaction
• Improving key connections and routes
• Designing streets to reduce speeding and improve safety
• Providing safe access to opportunities for physical activity and play

We Need Your Help!

Your vision for downtown is important! You are the experts! You know these streets and businesses. Help us creatively solve the downtown challenges! Join us by participating in the community survey, attending community workshops, sharing ideas at community events, and experiencing a downtown street demonstration project in the coming months. Our project team is available to facilitate formal and informal discussions in English and Spanish. Please contact Neda Zayer at the City if you’d like to co-host or help organize a group discussion.


This project is generously funded through a Caltrans Sustainable Communities grant that aims to improve the sustainability, safety, and accessibility of transportation infrastructure and programming in cities, counties, and regions across California.

Need More Information?

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Posters in both English and Spanish can be found below

SM Downtown Project Info Sheet In English

SM Downtown Project Info Sheet In Spanish