2017 Lights, Sights, and Holiday Nights

The City of Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Commission invites the community to spread the holiday cheer by taking part in the 21st annual Holiday Decoration Contest! The community will be given the opportunity to nominate a decorated residence, business, storefront or church and the Lights, Sights, Holiday Nights committee of judges will select the winning displays to be included in the Holiday Hall of Fame Tour map!

In order to encourage participation from both new contestants and past contestants alike, the Lights, Sights, Holiday Nights Committee has revised this year’s participation guidelines for the upcoming holiday season as follows:

Contest Details/Guidelines

2016 Holiday Hall of Fame Participants and last year’s best decorated residences who submit an entry for the upcoming 2017 contest can compete alongside new community entries in the following categories:

  • Clark Griswold- Homes that have a spectacular lighting display or incorporate motion lights and/or music or animatronics.

Judging will focus on the amount of construction involved in the display, the brightness, liveliness and detail put into the display.

  • Norman Rockwell- Homes with truly classic, elegant displays that accentuate and coordinate with the beauty and elegance of the house.

Judging will focus on the tastefulness and beauty of the display.

  • Simply Christmas- Homes that are simply decorated but are full of the Christmas Spirit.  The amount of lights and decorations won’t be as important as the sense of the Christmas Spirit that the display conveys.

Judging will focus on the simplicity and holiday spirit of the display.

2017 Contest Winners will be listed on the Lights, Sights, Holiday Nights Tour Map in the following categories:

Ø  2017 Best Decorated Rookie Resident (Best decorated residence-new entry)

Ø  Clark Griswold

Ø  Norman Rockwell

Ø  Simply Christmas

Ø  Holiday Hall of Fame- Previous winners with 2017 submitted entry selected by the Lights, Sights and Holiday Nights Committee for this year’s tour map.

To submit your contest entry, please email a picture and selected competing category (Best Decorated Rookie, Clark Griswold, Norman Rockwell, Simply Christmas, Holiday Hall of Fame) along with your Name and address to jblanco@cityofsantamaria.org by 5:00 pm on Friday, December 8th.

For more information please call (805) 925-0951 extension 2260 or visit the City of Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Department’s Administrative Office at 615 South McClelland Street.