Connections 11/7/2017

BGCSMV Members Win Katy Perry Tickets

Last June, twenty Club members participated in a drawing class with Club Alumni and renowned artist Henry Asencio. The kids spent the afternoon learning to draw with charcoal and listening to Henry share his story about how being a Club member changed his life. Henry took art classes at the Club but struggled because his drawings weren’t the best on his first try. His teacher told Henry to keep trying and practicing and his art would improve. Henry shared that he wasn’t the best, but with practice and persistence he became a professional artist with shows all over the world. He thanked his mother, Elvia Chivers, for encouraging him to attend BGCSMV’s programs when he was a young boy.

Katy Perry Witness

At the same time Katy Perry, also a Club Alumni, was encouraging her fans to take action and make a difference in the lives of our nation’s youth by supporting Boys & Girls Clubs. Katy wanted to motivate people to take action and get more involved. Clubs were asked to submit examples of people volunteering to win tickets for her Witness the Future World Tour.

BGCSMV was selected to receive 24 tickets to a concert on November 10th. 20 Club members and four staff Chaperones will be going to the Staples Center in Los Angeles. This will be the first concert for many of our Club members. BGCSMV would like to thank Henry Asencio for taking time out of his busy schedule to lead this volunteer project benefiting . We would also like to thank Katy Perry for giving our kids the opportunity to attend her #witnessthefuture World Tour.


You are Invited…

We are pleased to announce the completion of our newly renovated

Operations Center and Exterior Beautification Project at our Railroad Clubsite in Santa Maria.

Please join us for a Luncheon Reception on November 16, 2017 at 11:30 a.m. to tour the transformed facility.

RSVP by 11-14-17 to Kathryn Scott at 354-7421 or


After-school hours are the most dangerous for a child with no one to look after them. And juvenile crime spikes after 3 p.m. An at-risk child in our community needs you right now.

When you support Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Maria Valley, you’ll give them a safe place to go after school. To a kid, it feels like a second home with an extended family that cares.

Thanks to you, these children will know they’re valued. Plus, they’ll be in a place of safety with:

*A healthy snack or meal – sometimes the only one they’ll get all day.

*A chance to learn about robotics, art or cooking.

*Plus tutoring, mentoring and more!

As we approach Thanksgiving, a time of year when we celebrate family, you can extend the family of a child and change their life by giving a gift today.

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